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and good evening on this saturday night. we're going to start with a huge number, 93 million, that's how many million americans are on the move this holiday weekend. nearly a third of the u.s. population boarding on planes or getting behind the wheel. many of them dealing with weather problems like this truck blown right off the road and this gas station, where the roof over the pumps was knocked down. but the big worry tonight is what happens after christmas? when everyone tries to get back home. there are two big, new storms bearing down. ginger zee is all over the story. >> reporter: relentless winds. gusting up to 60 miles per hour around the nation's capital today, put holiday travel on hold at dulles airport.
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>> and they actually had to have planes change runways, moving runway landings around because of concerns about crosswinds. a lot of passengers tell us they were dealing with some turbulence coming in. >> reporter: for the millions hitting the road, it was far from perfect. in rochester, new york, whiteouts made travel nearly impossible. and for those who thought trains were the safe bet, a major commuter train outside of seattle is still shut down, thanks to almost a dozen landslides. and this is still all part of that disastrous winter storm that tore across the nation this week, killing at least seven people. that brute of a storm is gone by tomorrow. but don't set down your weather remote. this is video from the sierras, up from 3 feet of snow from a new storm. look at these photos. all of that snow, then a night of heavy rain, and a roof collapsed into this store. the snow so heavy it sent a tree through this trailer, killing a man.
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and that beast is now coming east. >> the beast is coming east. in fact, we've got two beasts coming east. tell us what we're in store for. >> that's right. places like washington, d.c., which only has snow about 1 in 12 chance on christmas day. have a closer chance. i have to show this first storm. the last time they had snow on christmas is 2002. it's been ten years, they deserve a little. it's going to come up monday into tuesday. this is storm one. i think this is going to affect travel. especially those short trips from grandma's house, from new england and as this moves off-shore that would with storm one and problem one. but this is the bigger one, it drops out of the rockies on monday. oklahoma could see see snow on christmas. places like arkansas could have a white christmas. and look at the thunderstorms, it's much like last week, severe weather is possible. then this thing moves just like a checkmark, right up to the mid-atlantic, to wednesday and thursday, when a lot of folks are heading home, it looks like we could be seeing some travel
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troubles. >> ginger zee, the only person i know who gets this excited about storms. ginger, appreciate it. if you weren't traveling today, odds are you were shopping. they call this supersaturday. today could be the biggest shopping day of the year and abc's john schriffen tells us there are actually some benefits to waiting until the last minute. >> reporter: if you still haven't checked off your holiday shopping list, you're not alone. according to consumer reports two-thirds of americans, 132 million people, still have shopping to do. >> it still seems like it's going to be a pretty strong holiday season. even though consumers have gotten increasingly nervous about the fiscal cliff, they still have been out there shopping. >> reporter: to entice shoppers to open their wallets some major retailers are offering deep discounts. how about aeropostale, a hit with teens, slashing 60% off everything. for the trendy adult in your life, banana republic, offering 40% off the entire store. as an added convenience some
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stores are going into shopping marathon mode. toys "r" us times square location, is opened 543 consecutive hours. macy's staying open 48 straight hours this weekend. >> shopping in the middle of the night sounds crazy, but you're going to get a parking spot, there's likely more stock on the shelves. >> reporter: experts say, like always, it's important to do your homework. many have decided to avoid the lines and shop online. now santa's little helpers. >> santa is here. i know him. >> reporter: not those helpers. these helpers, from delivery companies, like u.p.s. and fedex, are scrambling to get packages out of their trucks and under your tree. >> u.p.s. knows how it is. you want your package. >> reporter: with storms moving through the midwest, the question many want to know is -- >> is it going to arrive by christmas?
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>> reporter: fedex said that if roads are clear, chances are, your package will get there. to give you an idea of just how busy these companies are, fedex expects to set a record this holiday season. if you want your special gift delivered by tuesday, fedex and u.p.s. said, dan, tonight's your last chance to ship it out. >> john schriffen, appreciate it. as john mentioned, the looming fiscal cliff is now just nine days away, is on the minds of many shoppers tonight. and today, as the president and congress began their christmas vacations, we got a rare inside look at the bare-knuckle, behind the scenes negotiations and abc's david kerley is at the white house tonight. david, good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening to you, dan. it's already vacation mode for everybody in congress and the guy who usually is in the house behind me. the first family arrived in the dark, but woke up to paradise for the holidays. however, the president may not stay because he didn't get his wish -- a deal with congress. members streamed out of the capitol last night with no agreement to avert the fiscal cliff. house speaker john boehner is
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home in ohio tonight. but he left a video behind. >> washington has a serious spending problem. >> reporter: which played in the capitol tonight would echo through the empty halls. >> the president's solution of raising taxes -- >> reporter: the republican leader of the senate took a holiday swipe at democrats. >> i'm stuck here at washington. trying to prevent my fellow kentuckyians from shelling out more money to uncle sam next year. >> reporter: we're learning more tonight about how the negotiations fell apart. the wall street journal quoting unnamed sources said that when the speaker offered $800 billion in revenue by limiting deductions the speaker asked, what do i get? the president reportedly responded, you get nothing, i get that for free. unable to agree on a big deal, on taxes and entitlements, the president is now hoping to get a small deal, extend middle-class tax rates and agree to a framework for a big deal. >> that's an achievable goal, that can get done in ten days. >> reporter: can it?
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consider the speaker's other words which are really echoing about making a deal. >> how we get there, god only knows. >> the president wasted no time getting into vacation mode. he went golfing today in hawaii. white house officials told me that staff from both sides are talking through e-mail and phone calls and will through the next couple of days. we expect congress to come back on thursday. no word, dan, on when the president comes back. as the days to the cliff continue to tick off. >> the stake so high for so many people. david kerley, thank you. the other big fight in washington is gun control. with the final three victims from sandy hook elementary school buried today, the national rifle association has come out to say that the real problem isn't guns but instead violent video games, so, we wanted to know, is there really a connection between virtual violence and real-world violence? abc's neal karlinsky got some answers. >> reporter: thomas pantig and
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stephan lloyd are typical of many in their generation. good jobs by day, obsessed with a violent, so-called first person shooter called call of duty when they get home. but is this just good fun, or is an entire generation being trained and desensitized to the act of shooting people? >> some people just go crazy. >> reporter: dr. chris ferguson has conducted a series of multiyear studies of 11-year-old to 18-year-olds to find out what violent games do to them. >> there is no evidence that suggest that exposure to violent video game is associated with violent criminal behavior. >> reporter: but dr. victor strasburger says today's video games are more real, more intense than anything that's come before. >> kids spend an incredible amount of time with the media, they see increasingly violent media, why would we in this country spend $250 billion on advertising if we didn't think
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advertising affected people? >> reporter: so whose research to believe, who to judge? the u.s. supreme court already has. in striking down california's attempt at a violent video game law, the court had this to say, if these studies have been rejected by every court to consider them, and with good reason, they do not prove that violent video games cause minors to act aggressively. bonnie, a mother of two young children with her own concerns, also happens to run one of the most successful first person shooter games around, halo 4. what do you say to parents who worry that it's too violent, not good for the kids? >> what i recommend is, your kids are going to play games. play with them so that you can really be there to answer questions and help them through that. >> reporter: advice from an insider, whether you like it or not, kids are playing these games, and it's up to the parents to understand them. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. and now to an extraordinary medical story, tonight one family is celebrating the holidays with a baby they thought would not be here. this is a medical miracle.
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involving an operation performed months before the child was even born. here's dr. richard besser. >> reporter: what you're seeing is a miracle in motion. just a few minutes old. you would never guessed that this baby had been through an operation on his heart months before, a patient while still in his mother's womb. 20 weeks pregnant, she received devastating news. >> she was carrying a fetus that had an absence of development of left side of the heart. >> reporter: the doctors at children's hospital in philadelphia, wanted to perform an operation on his unborn heart, just the size of a grape. they tried on others before, but none of these little patients made it to their first birthday. >> we held on to that little glimmer of hope maybe, there's
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an experimental procedure that would give him hope. >> we just thought that there has to be a first. there's a first for everything. >> and maybe he'll be it. >> reporter: on this ultrasound you're seeing the actual needle pass through mom's belly into his heart where doctors inserted a tiny stent. doctors won't know how successful they were until three months later when he was born. every cry, a welcome sound. and remember how we told you that no child undergoing this surgery had ever lived to 1, well, take a look at this. ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: what are your dreams for him? >> grow up and hopefully have a family of his own. and, yeah, just grow old like the rest of us. >> reporter: a little fighter looking forward to many more birthdays. dr. richard besser, abc news, east greenville, pennsylvania. >> extraordinary. we wish them a merry christmas. and coming up here -- the new hit film being criticized by
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overseas tonight, this has been a tumultuous day in egypt, there was a second round of there was a second round of voting on a controversial constitution, hours before the polls closed, the vice president himself resigned and that was followed by the head of the central bank, there are growing concerns that if this constitution passes the country's political crisis will only get worse. back here at home, violence on the big screen is a source of a big controversy. the new hit film, "zero dark thirty," about the hunt of osama bin laden, is now being very publicly criticized by the head of the cia itself. abc's muhammad lila is on that story. >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> reporter: it's an edge-of-the-seat thriller that's now an edge-of-your-seat controversy. "zero dark thirty" re-creates the manhunt for osama bin laden. >> we'll never find him.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: cramming an intense ten-year search into a 2 1/2-hour thriller. while fans are calling it a hit. what did you think of the film? >> loved it. >> it was really powerful. >> reporter: critics are on the attack. in a rare public statement, acting cia director michael morell accuses the film of taking significant artistic license. emphasizing it's not a realistic portrayal of the facts. >> i'm not your friend. i'm not going to help you. i'm going to break you. >> reporter: his biggest attack, the movie's harsh interrogation scenes. water boarding and grown men stuffed into tiny coffin-like boxes. suggesting torture played a key role in finding osama bin laden. the cia acknowledges that some intelligence did come from those so-called enhanced techniques, but there were many other sources as well. >> to portray this as our only way to get intelligence does a disservice to this country. and the american people, period. >> reporter: for their part, the film's creators say it's not a documentary and it's not supposed to be. in an interview with abc news chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz,
5:47 pm
they say that, while some dialogue is exaggerated, it's based on authentic information. right down to inside of osama bin laden's compound gleaned from exclusive abc news footage. >> it was all based on firsthand accounts. it felt very vivid and very vital and very immediate, which is very exciting. >> the cia's criticism comes on the heels of similar criticism from a group of senators, including john mccain who himself was subjected to torture as a p.o.w. in vietnam. now, as for the movie it's critically acclaimed and it has been nominated for four golden globes. >> muhammad lila, thank you very much. we appreciate it. and coming up here on the broadcast -- the worst snowman, ever, our "instant index" coming up after the break. up after the break. so i can't sleep.the, and the next day i pay for it. i tried decongestants... i tossed and turned... i even vaporized. and then i fought back with drug-free breathe right.
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5:51 pm
spider-man, in person, so santa made it happen. his eyes nearly popped out of his head. spidey pops out. once they got acquainted, spider-man gave him some lessons in superhero moves. now to our video the worst snowman ever. this guy is known on youtube as freaky the snowman. he looks like any other cheesy christmas decoration, until he does that. he waits for the perfect moment as he jerks toward an unsuspecting passer-bys. freaky is still out there somewhere in america tonight. and now to our picture, its' of our friend and colleague sam champion saying i do. sam champion and his partner rubem, were married last night in a small, private ceremony at sam's apartment here in manhattan. they were joined by sam's close friends from "good morning america,"
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lara spencer, josh elliott and robin roberts who's still recovering from her bone marrow transplant. we want to hear from you. and coming up here on the broadcast -- the uproar over the reversal of fortune on "wheel of fortune," how one woman solved the puzzle but still lost the prize. iflow testosterone,h you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts;
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finally, tonight, the "wheel of fortune" winner who watched it all slip away in a second. she guessed the right letters, figured out the right word. but there was something about the way she spoke that just did not fit right with the host. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: renee durette was on a roll. >> i would like to solve. seven swans a swimmin'. >> yeah, that's -- i can't accept that. >> reporter: renee denied. because in those "12 days of christmas," the swans ain't swimmin' they're swimming -- with the "g." that one lost letter cost durette nearly $4,000.
5:56 pm
cue online outrage, was the brave-faced durette robbed? it has happened before. this couple on fox's "million dollar money drop" guessed post-it notes came before the walkman. wrong. they lost $800,000. "right," screamed the internet hordes. and fox admitted a research error and offered them another shot. season one of abc's "who wants to be a millionaire," this guy guessed huron is the second biggest great lake. computer said he was wrong. >> david, i'm sorry. it was lake michigan. >> reporter: it turned out, he was right. he came back for a do-over and went home with $125,000. game show gaffes are very, very rare. after the scandals of the 1950s when shows like "twenty one" were fixed to keep telegenic contestants in the mix, congress made it illegal to rig a game show. behind the bonhomie, it's a tightly controlled medium.
5:57 pm
pat sajak chief of the persnickety pronunciation police just confirmed. >> renee knew it would happen. and it was kind of easy to do because you did it in the vernacular and said, "seven swans a swimmin.'" >> reporter: you're harsh, pat, you're harsh but fair. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> we'll hear what renee has to say about this tomorrow morning on "good morning america." we're always online at be sure to watch "good morning america" first thing in the morning. bianna, ron ginger and i will be here with your news and weather. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. for david muir and everyone here at abc news, thank you for watching. good night.
5:58 pm
>> next at 6:00, it is rain and high winds causing major problems in the pay area. >> it's not over yet. we're following the storm on live doppler 7hd. >> the joy ride that went horne horribly wrong. abc-7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ama: street flooding, car accidents, and some major wind damage, and there could be more ahead as we brace for a weekend of wintry weather. i'm ama daetzle we have team coverage, john alston is checking out the damage from the start. tomas roman is live at sfo, and
5:59 pm
we begin with leigh glaser. >> leigh: a nice break this afternoon, and even really this evening but another major storm headed towards the bay area, and looks like the timing will bring it in tomorrow morning. the live doppler 7hd showing you the showers continuing to develop off the coast, and these are ahead of the actual storm system that will move in tomorrow morning, but already those of you heading out towards santa rosa, there's wet pavement and that's kicks over east. napa reporting some light showers. san francisco right now reporting light showers, and moving over the bay towards alameda, san leandro, always some light showers, and showers now south of san jose, 24-hour rainfall totals, redwood city, over an inch, over an inch for concord, fairf

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